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Lecture 6

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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

Psychology notes: Week 6 10/17/2012 8:32:00 AM History of Treatment:  Early treatment methods  Traditional forms of psychotherapy: o Psychoanalysis o Humanist o Gestalt o (these are still used to this day by some psychologists) Behavioural Therapies:  Maladaptive behaviours: the problem we need to change this behaviour directly  Most techniques based on operant and classical conditioning o Better understand why they are effective o Operant conditioning: behaviour affected by consequences o Classical conditioning: assosiation between stimulus and natural response transferred to another stimulus  Eat popcorn while watching sad movie, now popcorn can start subconsciously be related to sadness  Operant conditioning: o Reinforcement of adaptive behaviours o We can apply this by reinforcing healthy habits with people who have disorders o Ex. Token economics (someone suffering from anorexia eats full meal at lunch receives a token as an award) o Modeling: imitate the successful behaviours of others (not really operant conditioning)  Watches someone else take part in what they consider a “scary” situation and it allows them to imitate their behaviour o Extinction of maladaptive behaviours: remove previously available positive reinforcers  Hypochondriac: slowly stop habit of going to doctors 4 st times a week, 1 step only go to waiting room and then leave slowly losing the habit o Punishment of maladaptive behaviours: administer negative consequences for undesirable behaviour  Physical harm(ethical issue) will we really punish someone just for having a disorder?  Classical conditioning o Systematic desensitization: (mostly for fears and phobias) pair increasingly feared stimuli with relaxation response(slowly increase the fear factor as you teach patient
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