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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

WEEK 8 LECTURE- SENSATION sensation and perception work together- perception is a cognitive process (the meaning you give to the things you see) -sensory data that dictates perception: sensation What of the following is true? a) our senses faithfully represent what it 'out there' in the world b) our brains have no direct access to physical objects in the world c) our senses give us just enough info so that we can behave appropriately d) sensing does not require action- it is a passive process that happens to each of us (false: we eventually don't sense stimuli that is constant, eg. chair you're sitting on, your nose in your field of vision, etc) fixation: vision only gives you high resolution in a specific point; high resolution in entire field of vision is an illusion created by lots of eye movement looking at multiple focal points -photoreceptors that are continually stimulated by a constant stimuli stop responding (neural fatigue); would stop sensing the stimuli Why don't we just sense everything that's "out there"? a) it would be overwhelming b) our brains aren't big enough c) it would distract us from what is really important Why do we sense? -survival -senses act as gates into the world -permits signals to pass in; blocks signals out -our sense organs respond to very restricted range of energies in the world -more sensitive to change than constant stimulation: adaptation Neurobiology of Sensation -skin: receptors sensitive to mechanical pressure and vibration -eyes: photoreceptors sense p
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