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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

WEEK 10 LECTURE Which statement is most true about the representation of cognitive processes in the brain? a) the whole brain, all of it, works together to accomplish language and memory b)different brain regions work together to support cognitive processes like language and memory c) language is located in wernicke's are and broca's area, and memory is located in the hippocampus Grey matter (cell bodies) cover white matter (mylinated axons) Brodmann Areas: -areas of the brain where the cerebral cortex layers vary -Brodmann areas have different structure, input, and outputs, and therefore different functions Can specific functions be localized to specific parts of the brain? -incorrect: each local centre supports a complex function (eg. memory) all by itself -correct: several local centres work together in parallel to support complex functions--> discovered by Flourens Broca: discovered localization of speech through patient tan Fritsch and Hitzig: demonstrate specific movement through stimulation of different brain regions Penfield: through his work, we discovered the motor cortex in humans motor cortex is at the back edge of the frontal cortex OCCIPITAL LOBE -for interpreting vision If someone's right visual cortex was destroyed, what would they see? a) nothing- they'd be blind b) everything-their eyes aren't damaged so they'd see as normal c) they wouldn't see things to the left of wherever they were fixating (blindsight: they can't see left things, but they can report colour and motion, they can still sense visual stimuli there subconsciously--> due to ot
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