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Lecture 5

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PSYC 100
Meredith Chivers

Week 5: Lecture 5: The Nature and Causes of Mental Disorders Part II Mood Disorders - emotion: state of arousal defined by subjective states of feeling - affect - mood: pervasive and sustained emotional response  depression  mania Episodes - major depressive episode: lasting at least 2 weeks - manic episode: abnormally elevated mood lasting at least 1 week - mixed episode: manic and major depressive episode at least 1 week - hypomanic episode: manic episode not severe enough to cause impairment, 4 days Types - major depressive disorder: one or more major depressive episode - bipolar I disorder: one or more manic or mixed episodes, major depressive may have occured (not required) - bipolar II disorder: one or more major depressive w. at least one hypomanic episode - dysthymic disorder: chronically depressed mood 2+ years - double depression: dysthymia with a depressive episode - cyclothymic disorder: chronic fluctuating mood b.w hypomania and depressive symptoms 2+ years Causes - cognitive/environmental  negative/positive appraisal  cognitive triad: negative thoughts about self, present, future - physiological  serotonin, norepinephrine - genetic Dissociative Disorders - anxiety is reduced by sudden disruption in consciousness, memory, identity, and perception Types - dissociative amnesia: loss of memory related to diverse traumatic events (memory usually confined to traumatic event) - dissociative fugue: unexpected
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