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PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

Treatment of Psychological Disorders Type of Assessment -Direct observations -Clinical interviews -Questionnaires -Cognitive/neuropsychological tests -Medical imaging (FMRI,EEG) Traditional forms of psychotherapy -Psychoanalysis -Humanist -Gestalt - Are still used not that common Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy’s Behavioral -Maladaptive behavior is the problem: need to change his behavior directly. - Behave in more desirable ways - most techniques used are based on operant and classical conditioning. operant: BASED ON THE FACT behavior is affected by consequences (can lead to increase/decrease of that behaviors) -Classical conditioning: association between stimulus and natural response transferred to another stimulus Behavioral Therapies: Operant Conditioning. – big bang theory clip. - positive reinforcement to correct behavior - reinforcement of adaptive behaviors (eg. Token economies) - token economies instituted in psychiatric institutions, patient in hospital for anorexia if she eats her entire meal, she will receive a token, collect token for a desirable object. Behavior therapies: operant conditioning Modeling: imitate the successful behaviors of others ( note: not really “operant conditioning” but textbook puts it here.) – sexual disorders Flooding: directly and fully exposed to fearful stimulus until fear dissipates. Afraid of dogs, dog is put in the room. Aversion Therapy: pleasant but undesirable stimulus (eg, alcohol) paired with aversive response (eg vomiting) - stimulus usually pleasurable, paired with unpleasant stimulus. Behavioral Therapies Phobias, addictions and specific problem behaviours that can be targeted Systematic desensitization: remove unpleasant emotional response produced by the feared object or situation and replace it with an inco
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