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Christopher Bowie

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 A minority of pedophiles, who might also be classified as sexual sadists or antisocial (psychopathic) personalities, inflict serious bodily harm on the object of their passion (they wish to hurt the child physically at least as much as they wish to obtain sexual gratification)  Homicidal child molesters show greater physiological response to and preference for descriptions of assaults on children  Incest: sexual relations between close relatives for whom marriage is forbidden; most common between brothers and sisters, then father-daughter (considered more pathological)  The incest taboo has adaptive evolutionary significance (negative biological effects)  It is more present when mothers is absent or disabled or in patriarchal or traditional families  Incest is listed in DSM as a subtype of pedophilia  Difference between incest & pedophilia o Incest is by definition between members of the same sex o Incest victims tend to be more older than pedophile’s victims they desire  Incest is usually when they are mature physically whereas in pedophile is when they are sexually immature  Gynephile: an adult who is incestuous with a child in the absence of a mature, adults sex partner  Plethysmograph measures have been described as phallometric tests and they have been used to identity males – both adults and adolescents with pedophilic interests  History of exposure to pornography is a cause of sexual offending but this remains inconclusive  Pedophiles generally know the children they molest (ie. Neighbours, friends of family)  There is correlation b/n negative mood of pedophile and sexual fantasies about children  Pedophiles are low in social maturity, self-esteem, impulse control, & social skills; are often married  Alcohol use and stress increases the likelihood that a pedophile will molest a child  1 ½ of all child molestations (also within families) are committed by adolescent males (50% of adult offenders began in early teens). Their homes often lacked structure and positive support; many were sexually abused as kids  Cluster analyses of scores on California Psychological Inventory have identified 4 types of offenders o Antisocial/impulsive – more pathological characteristics o Unusual/isolated – more pathological characteristics o Ovecontrolled/reserved  have a more + orientation toward others and overly shy o Confident/aggressive  The adolescence have relatively + orientation toward others, but can be narcisstic and hostile at times  Screening scale for Pedophilic Interests (SSPI): screening instrument that is quite successful in distinguishing pedophilic child molesters and non child molesters who have abused older victims Voyeurism  Voyeurism: involves a marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by watching others in a state of undress or having sexual relations  There is seldom contact with the observer and he/she may masturbate while watching or later when recollecting  Almost always a man  The voyeur is excited by the anticipation of how the women would react if she knew he was watching  Voyeurs are most often charged with loitering rather than with peeping itself  Onset - adolescence  It’s thought that they are more fearful of more direct sexual encounters with others, because they may lack social skills Exhibitionism  Exhibitionism: recurrent, marked preference for obtaining sexual gratification by exposing one’s genitals to an unwilling stranger, sometimes a child  Onset – adolescence  It’s seldom an attempt to have contact with the stranger but
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