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Lecture 4

PSYC 202 Lecture 4: STATS 202 (week 4)

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PSYC 202
Ronald R Holden

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October 3 2017 WEEK 4 Categorical Data best way to organize categorical data is through contingency tables with these tables we can look at subsets of the data purpose is the help display and organize categorical data dimensionality of a contingency table depends on how many categorical variables can be measured on the observational unit o oneway: measuring one variable, looking at it with columns total at the bottom of the chart is marginal distribution o twoway: measuring 2 look at columns in rows rows distinguish the different variables we have 2 types of totals, one for the columns and total for each row row and column are both marginal distributions sometimes the data is presented as proportions, thats done by dividing the number of individuals in each cell by the total amount of people in the total column and total row are marginal proportions, all of those are less than one, the only thing thats 1 is the grand total amount of people used in survey conditional distributions look at the effects of just one category while controlling for the effects of the other, rather than looking at them at the same time you start with your raw data and you convert everything to percentages the way you convert it depends on if your more interested in looking at the columns or rows columns: well calculate the total for the columns as a conditional distribution rows: row total becomes conditional distribution since conditional distribution is only looking at column or a row it will always sum to 100 marginal distribution will not sum to 100 because your comparing it to the total number of people surveyed will be on the exam*****
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