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Abnormal Psychology: Chapter 5 - Anxiety Disorders

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PSYC 235
Christopher Bowie

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Module 3Chapter 5Anxiety Disorders WHAT IS ANXIETY y Emotional Negative affect y Physiological SomaticPhysical symptoms of tension y Cognitive Futureoriented anticipation of dangerWhat is fear y Presentoriented mood state marked negative affect y Immediate fight or flight response to danger or threat FFS y Strong alarmescape behaviour y Involves abrupt activation of the sympathetic nervous systemWhat is Anxiety y Futureorientated mood state characterized by marked negative affect y Somatic symptoms of tension y Apprehension about future danger or misfortune y Behavioural inhibition system BISAnxietyfear are normal and adaptive emotional statesNot all anxiety is negativeAnxietyperformance curveYerkesDodson Law 1908 High anxietybetterhigheroptimized performance y Performance is optimized by moderate levels of anxietyarousal y High anxiety leads to o Decreased capacity for skilled motor movements o Decreased complex Characteristics of Anxiety Disorders y Anxiety is maladaptive o Out of proportion to harm o Interferes with functioning y Pervasive persistent anxietyfear y Excessive avoidanceescape tendencies y Significant distressimpairment caused by symptomsavoidanceHow do people develop an anxiety disorder y The Cycle of Fear o Physical symptoms redblochy neck oMisinterpretation think negatively of her oIncreased Scrutiny oIncreased anxietyORAvoidance behaviour oConfirmation of Beliefs oPhysical symptomsThe Anxiety DisordersPanic DisorderPanic DisorderUnexpected panic attack or attacks y Panic attack 4 or more symptoms that peak in 10 min o Palpitations pounding heart o Sweating o Trembling or shaking o Shortness of breath or smothering o Feeling of chocking o Chest pain o Nausea o Feeling dizzy or faint o Numbing or tingling sensation o Chills or hot flashes o Derealization depersonalization dissociationOne month or more of the following y Concern about additional attacks feels like heart attack y Worry about consequences y Change in behaviour related to attacksDiagnosed with or without Agoraphobia fearavoidance of situationseventsPanic not due to medical condition or drugsNot better accounted for by other disorder ex social phobia
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