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PSYC 235
Christopher Bowie

Wed. March 7 2012 Somatoform Disorder Soma – meaning body  Overly preoccupied with their heads or body appearance  No identifiable medical condition causing the physical complaints o This is why psychologists find it hard to diagnose Types of DSM-IV Somatoform Disorders  Hypochondriasis  Somatization disorder  Conversion disorder  Pain disorder  Body dysmorphic disorder THE “SICK ROLE” - Have you ever “played sick” in order to get out of something? How did that work out (did you get what you wanted)? - Sick  attention (friends, family, medical) = People might be feeling ill, but maybe it’s underlying issue of getting attention Ex. If your bleeding, you would get higher priority at a hospital Hypochondriasis - Physical complaints with a clear cause o Severe anxiety focused on the possibility of having a serious disease (possible relation to germaphobs) o Strong disease conviction o Medical reasuurance does not seem to help o Strong disease conviction (these doctors are reported to misdiagnose, so maybe they misdiagnose me on my medical o Same treatment to treat delusions - Sex Ratio: 50-50 / Onset at any age, and runs a chronic course A) Preoccupation with fears of having, or the idea that one has, a serious disease based on misinterpretation of symptoms B) Preoccupation persists despite appropriate medical evaluation and reassurance C) Belief is not delusional and not restricted to a circumscribed concern about appearance D) Clinically significant distress E) Duration at least 6m Common Symptoms - Thinking a headache is indicative of a brain tumor - Assuming a minor chest pain is a heart attack - Thinking that a minor sore is a sign of HIV/AIDS CAUSE AND TREATMENT - Trigger (information, event, image, such as watching Grey’s Anatomy, you start to worry that you have similar medical problems as a fictional character, start panicking or bring on hyperattention) - Perceived threat - Apprehension - Increased focus on body, physiological arousal, and checking behaviour and reassurance seeking - Preoccupation with perceived alternation/abnormality of bodily sensation/states - Misinterpretation of body sensations and/or signs as indicating severe illness Precipitating Events Physical Sensation Cognitive Evaluation Cognitive Appraisal - Oh ya, I play Golf  Soreness in What was I doing Ugh, I’m getting old - Swinging club Abdomen Family history of 1) Soreness of stomach cancer abdomen Causes and Maintenance - Heighten l
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