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Ronald R Holden

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PSYC 334 Chapter 6 Supplementary lecture See orange handout for full written content. 1. Identify and define the construct to be measured - Not everyone has the same definitions of a construct, need to be explicit and specific Things you might do to do so: - Theoretical definitions - Literature reviews - Applied lore - Expert opinions - Opinions of the target group Consider different manifestations (e.g., cognitive, physiological, behavioural) and content areas (e.g., at home, with others, with partner, at work). 2. Generate an item pool - Base this on the outcome of stage 1 - Should contain anywhere between 1.5 to 10 times the items than what you want on the actual test – insures that you have the best possible items Avoid historical items if change is important - Anything that has to do with the patient’s past but is meant to reflect their current state - e.g., I shoplifted as a child - Cannot change the past, and many people will not shoplift as adults, so this does not reflect the current behaviours of the patient Localisms – do not use items that are only relevant in certain areas of the world (e.g., “I love snowball fights”). 3. Determine the format for measurement - Decide based on stage 2 and what it is you’re looking for Time frame of items: are you looking for what is true now, what has been true ever, or the best/worst (e.g., how are you feeling now; how did you feel during your worst episode?) PSYC 334 4. Expert review of item pool 5. Validation items - Consider response style, repeated measures (for convergent validity) and discriminant validity 6. Normative sample 7. Item evaluation - Inter-item correlations - Ite
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