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PSYC 397
Mary C Olmstead

Debate 1 Week 8 Psychoanalysis is not a science and has no place in the study of modern psychology. • Psychoanalysis: theory of personality and behaviour. • Uses subjective methods to uncover tenets of the unconscious (e.g., Rorschach) • Psychopathology caused by early childhood trauma • Team 1 gives evidence that psychology is a science and that psychoanalysis is a pseudoscience Pseudoscience, and features of psychoanalysis o Does not use scientific method o Cannot be reliably tested o Lacks supporting evidence Also, psychoanalysis uses case studies. Tricky because they are not replicable, not controlled, subject to bias, and are anecdotal. Psychoanalysis was helpful because it got the masses to go to therapy. Treatment now uses modern methods, such as CBT. • Psychoanalysis is actually a detriment because it keeps the public rooted in a 1950s perception of psychological treatment methods “We need to get the client off the couch and into the laboratory” Psychoanalysis, despite its flaws, has
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