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Queen's University
PSYC 397
Mary C Olmstead

Week 9 Lecture Carl Jung • Ushering in age ofAquarius (symbol of the unconscious) o Most interest in the self o Mandala the symbol of cohesive self  Self as a guiding principle of wholeness  Therapeutic drawing of these when troubled • “Demonic power” of the soul • Some think that Jung had a split personality o Persona changes in different domains • Lasting power of spirit • Water as the symbol for unconscious • Jung was personally drawn to water • “the Stream of Life” o “As a child, I felt myself to be alone, as I am now. Because I knew things, hint at things that most people do not want to know.” Parents • Father was a minister • Mother looked “beyond superficial realities” Phallus dream • In an underground chamber, Jung (dreaming during childhood) finds a large phallus, with a single eye on the top. It is resting on a golden throne atop a dais. • Formulated the idea that we have removed ourselves from God, nature, and ourselves, and that is what brings suffering • We need to know that we cannot ever end suffering. If we think we can, we will burn out Process of becoming whole • Becoming whole is vital • Relies on the individual and their efforts to uncover their own self • Mandala o Archetypal o Meaning and order of life o Unconscious and its realization Who created God? The trap is that, when we find Him, we think we have created him. Tibetan tradition has the “safeguard” such that they reject independent existence either of the individual or the God (one Week 9 Lecture cannot exist without the other). We do not have this idea in the West. When we make advances in science and psychology, we see this as our religion and us its master. • Jung had patients reveal the
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