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Lecture 5: Behaviourism.docx

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PSYC 397
Mary C Olmstead

PSYC 397 Lecture 5 Behaviourism • Anecdotes of atypical animal performances • Experimental approach needed to solidify psychology as a natural science Thorndike • Puzzle boxes • Trial and error o Reward and punishment o Measure rate of learning • Stimulus and response o Probabilities o Reinforcement Law of effect: response that is reinforced will be remembered/learned. Law of exercise: response will be more strongly connected with the situations it is paired with the most number of times. • Thorndike’s two laws thought to underlie all behaviour Pavolv added physiology to behaviourism. • Mechanisms of classical conditioning Pavlov and Thorndike set the stage for a later revolution. Watson • Only chains of behaviour, no centrally-initiated mental processes • Complex behaviour a collection of conditioned reflexes o Based on the assumptions that we are not born with innate behaviours • Desire to shape children into any career BabyAlbert as typical emotional learning in normal setting, normal development. Golden Age of Theory: spike in development of learning theories. Edward
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