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PSYC 397
Mary C Olmstead

PSYC 397 Psychology in Canada • Social and political forces impact academia • Institutions begin in Canada because British don't want their children studying inAmerica and it’s too expensive to send them home to Britain • Catholic church ran the universities in Quebec (except for McGill) • Includes University of Ottawa In general, schools founded from East to West. Date of establishment doesn’t refer to the charter, but rather the year the first college was established. • Most universities amalgamation of colleges Laval was developed before U of Montreal, but for political control the Cardinal (of the Catholic church) from Montreal won out. Order of development of Canadian universities 1. Dalhousie 2. McGill 3. U of T 4. Queen’s 5. University of Ottawa 6. University of Montreal 7. University of Manitoba 8. University of Western Ontario 9. McMaster 10. U of Saskatchewan 11. U of Edmonton 12. UBC These remained the only twelve for quite awhile. For a longer time, even when there were more the newer ones were considered so low in prestige as to not be a true university. W10 : 1 PSYC 397 Psychology made the switch from philosophy around the time of Federation. James Mark Baldwin • Setup first experimental psychology lab in Canada • Trained in Liepzig • Chair of Logic and Mathematics at U of T • Began tradition of training Canadian graduate students Psychology at Queen’s • Stayed in philosophy much longer than other universities • John Watson (not the behaviourist) o Chair of mental health and morality o Critical of experimental psychology  Had a lot of influence, and so we stayed with philosophy  To the extent where H
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