RELS 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Four Noble Truths, Big Neck Records, Skandha

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Week 3 Lecture 2 !
life of Buddha!
Three jewels of Buddhism!
Three marks of existence!
The Five Aggregates (Skandhas) !
Four Noble Truths!
Fundamental Dierence between Hinduism and buddhism!
No caste system!
no ritual sacrifice!
no orthodox scripture (Vedas)!
Buddhism DOES have scriptures but it is in a dierent position than the Vedas!
Dierent view on soul (Atman)!
life is a cycle of interdependent stages!
core shows three poisons. Rooster represents lust, pig represents delusion and snake
rerepsents hate!
second layer is karma!
depending on what action (Karma) you do, you either go up or you go down. !
six realms of samsara!
twelve links of dependent origination!
Mara is holding the wheel!
Six Realms of Samsara!
torturous horrible!
Hungry Ghost!
big neck, narrow belly. They are forever desiring something. This is the realm of
* more lower the realm is.. what?!
** these realms are not exclusive of each other!
Buddha was in God realm, but he existed with us!
realms are changeable so that is why Buddha is showing you the path!
12 links of the dependent origination!
Ignorance: blind woman, lack of insight!1.
Volitional formation/Karma formations: Potter. Action starting a chain of events!2.
Consciousness: Monkey. Single consciousness perceived through sense organs!3.
this keeps developing as you grow. then it forms together w/ mind and body!A.
is a continuous movement!B.
Mind/Body: Boat. Skandhas. !4.
Six Sense Spheres: House w/ 6 windows. Mind is the sixth sense!5.
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