RELS 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Bodh Gaya, Upanishads, Vedas

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Week 3 - Lecture one!
Born out of moral vacuum!
born out of Extremes!
Born out of the economic, social, and political condition of that period!
Historical Backdrop!
time of revolutionary ideas and social upheaval!
urbanization !
political expansion and centralization!
Ascetic movements (Sanyasa/Shramana) !
animals came from the villages !
Let's get a tentative idea of time!
The Vedas!
The Upanishads!
The rise of Buddhism and Jainism!
The Epics (in their formative stage)!
The Bhagavad Gita (late addition tot he Mahabharata definitely after the rise of Buddhism)!
Buddhism in its form does not exist!
in the time of Buddha it is a big religion!
Buddhism is before the Gita historically !
Buddhism is happening before Krishna was in the scene!
Life of Siddhartha Gautama!
Born in Lumbini!
Married to cousin Yoshodhara (son Rahula)!
Chariot trip with Channa!
Leaving samsara behind to become an ascetic!
the story was created with the idea in mind that you will remember the teachings!
is there a historic Buddha? this is question!
there must have been someone who preached!
the history of the origin of Buddha is completely irrelevant!
he is 24/25 when he marries his cousin!
his mom died when he born!
it is a deep love in his marriage!
he always stays inside his balance one day he decides to go out. He makes a few trips out!
in this trip is where we get fundamental teachings!
His first trip!
this young man is so naive as he has never seen what an old man looks like. He was confused
when he comes across an old man. Learns that age is inevitable!
his next encounter is with a sick person. suering is inevitable!
see's dead body in the next trip after. Learns death, we all die. death is inevitable!
he then meets a renouncer - he is looking for truth, he is looking for something beyond life and
death. Buddha is immediately drawn to this. !
Buddha then decides to leave his wife and then go away and renounce this world!
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