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Religious Studies
RELS 161

RELS Lecture 1Sept 19 2011Galileo 15841642Roman Catholic Italian astronomer and mathematician who supported Copernicuss 14731543 heliocentric hypothesis Often called the father of modern scienceoHis use of empirical evidence including experimentation mathematical analysis demonstration and invention of instrumentation 30x telescopeDiscovered phases of Venusproof that earth orbits the sun theories of geocentrismAristotleIs this life a symbol that science and religion are locked in some king of contentious and external battle Or is it another viewpointImperical data challenged what we see with the naked eye and realityGuilty of heresyhouse arrest for life by inquisitionBooks and writings banned and place in the index of prohibited books by the inquisition lifted 1718Had a problem with the popeWrote a play political ego symbol to mock him and his simplicityEmbellished the telescope to see sun spots on moon oDid not invent telescope just made it go from 10x to 30xCopernicus ArguesoThe earth is not the center of the universeoAll celestial bodies revolve around the sunoThe sun is the center of the universeoWhat appears as sunrise and sunset is actually caused by the motion of the earth Aristotle 384322 BCE Claudius Ptolemy c 150 ceBCE before Common EraGalileo challenged their understanding of the universe and human powers of perception based on senseo Our senses do not detect earth movement The telescopeKey instrument of the scientific revolutionRevealed new info about the heavensOffered evidence to challenge prevailing and entrenched doctoring beliefs of Roman Catholic ChurchHubbleNASAGaloleLetter to grand duchess Christina oWrote his scientific works and theory to take on churchTheoretical symbolic challenging thinkingWritten for the purpose of salvation Book of nature no purpose outlining lawContradictoryDenys biblical thinkingNotion of reasonChurchHuman salvationScienceLaws of natureDARE TO KNOW KantNo pun intendedMust be learnedArgue know for yourselfHow do you agree with the bible with all this new evidenceRethinkAbandonWants to stay relevantReforms to scienceRELS Lecture 2Sept 21 2011Supernatural signsrdStory of St Agatha 3 centuryWhat exactly is a supernatural sign what is a miracleAre miracles compatible with scienceDo they mean that god is active in the world or are his days of acting in the world through miracles overDoes god intervene If so why hasnt she done so recentlyAre there ways to account for supernatural events are or miracles other then referring to them as miraclesGalileo uses reason challenged church with empirical evidence and stood for his own beliefsScientists arguenatural is enoughSaint AgathaRoman official came on to her she rejected him he tortured her and cut off her breasts miraculously her wounds healed Ppl hold up her veil whenever they knew a volcano eruption was going to happen etc Used her as protection believed in a miracle How do we define a miracleInvolves divine supernatural interventionViolates the laws of nature David HumeNatural events with supernatural causes The miracle of one age becomes the ordinary working of nature in the next Kant
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