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Rels 161 B 2.1

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Queen's University
Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Rels 161 B 21Reviewing Hinduism and SexualityTantra ritual Consists of the 5 Ms Madya Mamsa Matsya Mudra Maethuna These symbolically reenact Shiva and Shaki together They determine what is SacredProfane and PollutedPure Physically acts as a conduit from which we can encounter the DivineIT IS EXPERIENCING GOD IN THE HERENOW There are different versions1 Lefthanded taking literally the 5 Ms 2 Righthanded Takes the rituals metaphoricallyIn order to understand the next section we first must see WHO IS KALIKali is the goddess of manifestation of mother of lover called the devourererPractitioner is ALWAYS male women are the springboards for the males spiritualityspiritual growth THEREFORE the males become child to mother or healer to loverNeti Neti not this No quality to Brahman transcends the mind maybe but not heartRamakrishna th Practitioner of Tantric Rituals in 19 Century His father died then his brother and he became the temple priestBecame obsessed with Kali and became viewed as SaintlyHis limited view of the world kept him from fulfilling the TantrasWas a Mystic tried to make personal encounters with the divineAuthor argues he was into HomoeroticismThis was his experience of liberation in Hinduismone with the soul of Brahman However his homoerotic insinuations in his book Secret Talks and he was considered as a corrupter of the youthHe believed all religions end in the same destination oh and MORE KALI this guy was obsessed Marriage is an institution in keeping a society stableProfessorAnywaysRamakrishna had a child bride whom he never slept with because he considered her MOTHER rather than LOVERAnalogy of Four Blind man and an Elephant again all people see the Divine in a different way
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