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Rels 161 B 3.2

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Rels 161 B 32BACK TO JUDAISM MasturbationFrowned upon for males getting rid of the male seed without it going to procreation Female masturbation is allowedAbortionNot allowed unless risking mothers healthsocial or financial trouble but NOT the OrthodoxContraceptivesFemale permitted male cannotKABBALAH RECEIVING A SACRED TEACHINGMYSTICAL ASPECTS Reading the Torah in a certain way so the reader can get close to God via this feminine principalUnmediated personal relationship with God2 things 1 God is incomprehensible 2 He is in this worldSexual union between male and female represent a union with God via this feminine principleRole of woman is to act as a steppingstone for males spirituality to God connection to God Apparently this is a way of masking homoeroticismCHRISTIANITY While Jews value themselves as a group as history the Christians move to biography Following one man Jesus of NazarethJesus and disciples were JewishApocalyptic form of Judaism 1 Radical distinction between this world and the next
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