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Rels 161 B 4.1

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Rels 161 B 41SHAFIA TRAGEDY How is this relevant to things we are discussing in our classFramed as an honour killingWhy was the honour lost in the first place o The girls tried to assimilate to the Western Culture the way they dressed had boyfriends etcMale domination Tension between how women express their autonomyMORMONISMth Early 19 Century America sees many changes Economic social and religionMove from rural countryside to urban city centresPersonal Identity and family identity get confusingMovement to reclaim traditional family values focused on sexual relations and genders Polygamists Founded religion by a man name Joseph Smith born 1805 died 1844 by murderNY 1820s many revivals going oncharismatic leaders offering new interpretations on relationship with Christ and making that world a better place aka Utopian GoalsSmith is exposed to this at 14 he had a vision God and Jesus came to him Which one is for me You shouldnt join any you should wait We have a secret plan for you to restore Christianity IN his mid 20s an angel came to him named Morani Believed aboriginal tribes were the lost tribes of IsraelTeachings of Joseph Smith became known as the B
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