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Rels 161 B 5.1

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Rels 161 B 51CULT Climate of tension1960sNew ways to express yourself new religious traditionsEx The Manson FamilyCharles Manson born 1930s IndianaBy age of 32 spent more than half of his life in jailWent out to California and wanted to become a musicianRan into Dennis Wilson Beach Boys they became friendsManson was pimping young women to Wilson and such until he kicked them offListening to the White album from the Beatles feels they are talking particularly to him and are telling him about the upcoming of the apocolypse down via the race warHe sees himself as a prophetThings were being delayed so he decided to spark the war by convincing others to murder 1968 LA CaliforniaTells followers to go to Sharon Tates house where she pregnant and her friends and stab them repeatedly told them to be as gruesome as possibleTook blood from the victims and put it by the pigThe next night they go to the home of a supermarket executive the Biancas and at Mansons wish does them sa
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