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Lecture 20

Lecture 20

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

RELS 161LectureKen Wilbur EGO Transpersonal PsychologyTriangle to the right is typical of depth psychology UNCONSCIOUS o Rational consciousness is shaped by unconscious desiresTranspersonal focus is on what transcends personhood o Not the depth of the unconsciousSpiritual deep ecology draws on premodern models of sociocultural and religious expression o Creates source of inspiration for understanding of spiritual deep ecologyo Everyone is embedded in a network of relations to each other TRANSCENDENT o Autonomous view of self marginalizes importance of communityPremodern societies looked to for how to live in a sustainable wayo Want to reclaim this age o Wilbur argues that deep ecologists are romanticizing premodern times EGOHuman rights technology politicaleconomical freedom etcAll of the above are results of modernitySees it as a form of regression UNCONSCIOUSAnthropocentrism o Wilbur argues that humans are special but not because God made them soHumans are special because they are a unique prod
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