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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Atheism Western monotheistic idea of religion informed by a creator godTwo categories1 convince you that religion is true 2 convince you that religion is falseReligion is not false but dangerousArgumentscience is the only path to understandingSupporting arguments SubtextWorking in a contentious conflict model science claims religion is nonsenseArguments against Must state whyhowScience deals with physical worldaccording to AtkinsnormaMeditation is the magical experience of the mindLookingenjoying anything is a product of the mindbrainbut is this an illusionScientific methodpublicly accessible information through experimentation etcScientists believe what they present is objective truthObjectivity has been challenged because experimenter enters into the dataScience looks to be proved wrongIf science isnt ultimately true only in historical context it is constantly proved wrong and it progresses It wants to be proved wrongReligion believes it has eternal truths doesnt want to be proved wrongReligion is sentimental emotional basically nonsense because it deals with the supernatural and the supernatural is an
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