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Eco feminism - Deep Ecology

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

Eco Feminism 552012 64500 AM Eco feminismShaped new ways of thoughtThe way we think of the world is shaped by a certain agenda o Our ideas have been shaped by males o Served to strengthen the power of malesFeminism o Criticizes inequality in all spheres o Wholeness eliminates differenceDoes not shape in equal fashionMales dictate the terms for wholenessDoes not account for the variety of individuals as females o Need to emphasize connections between each otherEasier to spot inequality o When everything is a whole we cannot see when certain people are getting privilegedMales are more privilegedWomen arent as strong to resistHave to deconstruct mechanisms of power that profit from patriarchyMen profit from patriarchy on two levels o Socioeconomic level Women have been exploited in labourWomen are instrumental for resourcesProvide room for men to control natureWomen are colonializedMen colonize nature because women to the work o Symbolic and cultural levelGod is male male is godNature is associated with materialWomen associated with sex emotion material natureAllows men to conquer nature and womenFeminism rejects total answers o Makes others easier to control
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