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Cults and Islam - Sexuality

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Religious Studies
RELS 161
Jason Kelly

The family continued Moses Burg Generation of lost youth needing to be saved drugs rock music Bring them back to the moral baseSomewhat successful Sexual revolution in the 1960s shaped his views in many waysbecame very liberal in the 1970s o Wrote letters to his followerso Asked for money spread the wordStructure of the family is based on hierarchy As he became more popular it became difficulto Kept secludedo Gave his minions the work to spread Insulated from critiquemystery of not knowing or seeing the person Views became to change and practiced wife swappingo Rational what you have is mine and what I have is yoursgod has everythingwife is a reflection of this and I am a reflection of godAll things doctrineo Do it thou willall things go o This mentality can be difficult because the larger society does not accept this everything goes mentalityAbuses in the familyHomosexualityHomosexual man lived with Burkchanged his mind and allows homosexuality if you have to do it I guess it is okFemale took over after his death and changed it back to no homosexualityContraceptive
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