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Religious Studies
RELS 214
Richard Ascough

week109122012The new testament and Christian originsOffice hoursTuesday 9301130 229 theo hallEarlychristianwritingscomBart ehrman a brief introduction to the new testamentWhat we wantUnderstand how scholars use historical literary and archaeological evidence to understand and reconstruct the development of religious groups and movements of antiquityUnderstand the development and diversity of early Jesus movementsGain respect for a diversity of interpretations of biblical texts and early Christian movementsFor learning tasksDont just repeat what we talk about in class go beyond it and use that as your thesisWhy you think your thesis is true and what you observe and interpret in the text and you could provide alternative interpretations but then back up your point againIf you use resourcesfootnote it Use three resources a works citedthe end56 pages 15 space or double space 12 point fontpaul said 1 Thes 41516 NRSVso reference the version the first time and then you dont need to reference it againWHAT IS THE BIBLEHebrew bible39 different books jewish or protestant Christian 46 books catholic 47 books eastern orthodoxEven among Christians there is no agreement on the bibleNew Testament27 books 4 gospelsacts 14 Pauline lettersthought to have been written by Paulonly 13 have been claimed to be written by paul the letter to the Hebrews is anonymous7 general lettersgeneral because these letters were meant for a broad distributionlike a pamphlet or spamrevelationalmost didnt make it into the new testamentExtra books in the Hebrew bibleRoman catholicadds 7 booksTobit Judith 1 and 2 Maccabeesbasis of purgatory is found in 2 Maccabees wisdom of Solomon wisdom of Jesus ben sirach ecclesiasticus baruch includes the letter of Jeremiah Greek additions to Esther and DanielEastern orthodoxadds 1 book2 esdras 4 ezrahow did we get the bibleWritten over 1000 time span copied and copied and copiedWritten by different authors and of course copied and copied we only have copies of copies of copies ectDead sea scrollswritten 1000 years before what we had before and there wasnt a lot of difference they were faithful to the stories the Jews were careful with copyingChristians were not very good at copyingthere are tons of copying mistakes words are misspelled whole lines are dropped out and new things are addedDealing with a reconstruction of a greek textHow was it put togetherTaNak or Hebrew bibleTorah lawsVI BCE after return from babylon nebiim prophetslate III BCE Ketubim writings90 CE YavnehThe way they said if they were prophets or not is if what they said came trueLXX or SeptuagintCouncil of Trent Catholic recognized 7 more 1546 CECalled on 70 rabbis said that each of them must translate the Hebrew bible into greek Every single translation was exactly the same They said that this was Gods workJesus spoke a dialect of Hebrew and everything written about jesus was written in greek BUT that probably means that some things jesus has said were different because of the translation between Aramaic and GreekNew testamentAccepted at the Council of carthage 400 CEDiscussed and voted on which books wouldwouldnt be included in the new testamentIn new testament there are books written between year 60130 dealing with a guy who didnt write anything but died around year 30 then wasnt agreed on until year 4003060130400So much conflict between the east and the westdifferent opinions between the bishops and they would actually fight about it and it took until almost the year 400 to figure it all out the split turned into protestantcatholic more than just theological its personal political ethnic ectFormation of new testament canonWritten around the year 100 peter writes so also our beloved brother paul wrote to you according to the wisdom given him speaking of this as he does in all his letters There are some things in them hard to understand which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction as they do the other writingsscriptures ta loipas graphas 2 peter 31516Someone thought paul was writing something specialApolostolic FathersMarcion 144 CEGives us a list on what should be authoratiative for the churchGospel of luke letters of paul both had positive things about jews CUT OUTIrenaeus bishop of Lyons 178200Muratorian Canon 200 CE Rome
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