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Religious Studies
RELS 218

CHRISTIANITY JESUS IN THE GOSPELS MOSAIC: COMPOSITE PORTRAIT OF JESUS Mosaic: (small glass tiles melted together) Composite Portrait of Jesus. Jesus is like mosaic. We dont know who he is. All religions have interpretations about him and we have joined every piece to have a composite picture of jesus. THE TWO COMMANDMENTS - Christianity offers 2 commandments having to do with Love LOVE FOR GOD We should focus on repenting and loving one another and loving God To be Christian one must have faith in the existence of God One shows their faith through conduct and affirmation of doctrine To give thanks to God for sacrificing His only son so that our sins can be forgiven We love God because He is our creator, but also for saving us from our sins for all eternity LOVE FOR ONES NEIGHBOUR Jesus places emphasis on forgiveness more than any other religion Jesus commands that we forgive and accept our enemies as well as our friends SPIRITUAL VS. POLITICAL KINGDOM Spiritual Through traditional Christian events, we are able to bond with our families and friends and build a community. We are able to rejoice about the good news together and celebrate our love for God. Forgiveness, atonement and loving others Political Christianity has to face the non-spiritual elements used at present day on a worldwide scale, of their traditional events. But they must also face pluralism today as well. With todays multicultural world, people of all ethnicities may believe in more than one element of more than one religion. Christians must recognize this as todays reality and accept it. Historically, and possibly currently, Christians accused individuals of other religions, of their denial of the existence of Jesus. Christians accused other religions of simply being a part of the Christian religion if only they acknowledged Jesus. This is not very Christian of them if they did not accept and respect the differences of other religions. EARLY CHRISTIAN BELIEF AND HISTORY MISSIONARY COMPONENT Christianity is one of the worlds greatest missionary religions (travelling around, talking to people and getting them to join) Concerned about other humans Started as a Jewish sect and grew to a Christian movement Judaism not a missionary religion; do not go out to convert PENTECOST Marks the emergence of the Church as a missionary movement with a message for all people. Occurs on the 50th day after Easter, commemorating the day when Jesus followers experienced the Holy Spirit and the ability to preach and be understood in different languages. On this day the descendents sat together and decided what to do after Jesus death. They knew many languages so they went out and shared the good news Marks the Jewish festival Shavouth, the Feast of Weeks ALL ROADS LEAD TO PAUL Principal figure to shape the direction of the early church (master coordinator of Christianity) He was a Pharisee from the Diaspora, from the Jewish community in Tarsus He wrote letters (liturgical blessings and questions of theology) before the gospels were written JEWISH AND GENTILE CHRISTIANITY Paul had a vision of the post- resurrection Jesus Paul refers to himself as the apostle of the gentiles (non-Jew) In order to follow Jesus, NO circumcision and dietary laws needed He says that salvation is obtained through faith of Jesus as the Messiah or Christ This frees people of bondage of the Law of Moses CHRIST: AS REDEEMER (from sin and death (not hell)) Paul states that people are not saved through morally correct action, but through trusting faith Liberation of humans sinful nature, as human beings are inherently self-willed and sinful, is what God intended by sending Jesus to die a self-sacrificing death From Pauls context, we accept Jesus as a Redeemer from sin. Sin leads to death, so there is a connection between the two. Accepting Jesus as our redeemer we get life. THE STRUCTURE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Text: pp. 203-213 PERSPECTIVES ON THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE Christian literature demonstrates the existence of a community of faith that preached the message of Jesus as the risen Lord. Each gospel in the New Testament comes from an author with a particular interpretation and an intended readership. INERRANCY Perspective that the bible does not contain error (infallible). Translated without error How? The bible is believed to be of divine revelation, transformation from divine LITERALISM Accepting each incident and speech as actually occurring Stories not just metaphors for life If were puts truth of religion into question If doubt it maybe doubting authority of religion; fundamental perspectiveHISTORICAL-CRITICAL Analytical approach Not looking to criticize but critically analytical GOSPELS IN FOCUS Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are called evangelists; people who proclaim the good news Gospel means Good news. It is a German word. The good news is that the Messiah is coming. It is a cosmic headline. It is referred to German and Greek: Evangellion. 190 CE: The gospel of Peter says that Jesus was not resurrected and was not sent to heaven. This is similar to the Islamic view. The Gospels are a sacred biography of Jesus life from an academic perspective. MARK (WINGED LION) Lion courage, monarchy Written 65-70CE Shortest gospel Describes Jesus adult career and activities, not birth Stresses Jesus actions over his teachings Destruction of temple in 70 CE Begins with Jesus baptism by John who is preaching like a lion roaring The 12 disciples are chosen. With them he heals and teaches He disputes with religious authorities and Judas Celebrates Passover with his disciples the night before his crucifixion Does not deny that h
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