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Lecture 6

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Religious Studies
RELS 226
Sayeh Meisami

Monday October 15, Week 6 Beliefs and Practices  Write a lecture report for each class in case you have to read! Print them out so that we can be included as marks in our class participation… or post it on moodle. Shihadah (this is the gateway to becoming a Muslim)  It’s not just lip service; you have to believe in what you’re saying. You need to believe in the 5 Cardinal (Sunni) Doctrines: o Al-tawhid (the unity of God; There is no god but God, emphasis on oneness). Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and God is transcendent (God is not one with the world (orthodox)) and God is infinite (without limitations, without shortcomings) o Supernatural beings: Angels and jinns  Supernatural things cannot be of this world; they do not resemble humans, they could just be minds  The power of God works through Angels  Jinn (similar to the idea of a Genie)… they live in a parallel world to us that is not temporal (a lot of Muslims don’t believe in them… but they should in orthodox sense) o Muhammad is the messenger of God o Al-nabuwwah: prophecy (there has been prophets, and accepting this)  Prophectic knowledge (you may have been given this from God, but you are not necessarily given a mission)  Prophets from Adam to Muhammad  Mohammad the seal of prophecy (there are others, but he is different because he is the final one)  Ishamael vs Isaac  Two sons of Abraham, one of them had to be sacrificed, but Jews believe Issac and Islam believe Ishmael  The corruption of previous scriptures o Ma’ad (Resurrection)  You have to believe in an afterlife; after you die you will be resurrected and you will be in the presence of God. He will tell you about every minute deed you did and you will be
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