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Religious Studies
RELS 226
Sayeh Meisami

th Monday September 10 Islam Professor Sayeh Meisami Week 1 The Heritage of Mesopotamia (The Fertile Crescent) o Means “the region between two rivers” (Eufrates and Tign) o Part of Iraq, Syria, part of Persia o 3 Abrahamic Religions started in Mesopotamia Abrahamic Religions o Ibraham’s Covenant with God o All begin with this covenant (promise). God promised Ibraham and his people an ideal (the promise land; a physical territory) if they served God. o It was believed that these people were nature worshippers and Ibraham was seen as breaking the norms and pushing people towards one God (they were chosen by God) o Patriarchs came around to continue this after Ibraham’s time o Moses and the children of Israel (Moses brings about the concept of revelation; he believed that he was spoken to by God) o Later comes God’s messengers Islam and Judaism o Share a historical and geographic background, monotheism, scriptures (a set of rules), salvation & messiah (those who are faithful and do-gooders will be saved via messiah/savior), afterlife rewards and punishment o From the point of view of Islam, Jews and Christians are “the people of the book” (book referring to law) o When Jesus Christ came around, the Jews were already looking for a Messiah, and when Jesus came to be he
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