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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Information on SOCY Degree Programs SOCY MAJ SOCY MED SOCY MIN The following outlines the requirements for students who wish to have a Major (MAJ), Medial (MED) or Minor (MIN) concentration in SOCY. 1. Students who wish to take SOCY courses beyond SOCY 122 must have a minimum grade of 60% in SOCY 122 (under the new grade point system that will begin this spring, that would be a 1.7 grade point in SOCY 122). 2. There is a core of required courses for the MAJ and MED that are common and a similar core for the MIN 3. In all three, students must complete with a minimum grade of 65% (probably a grade point of 2.3 although that has not yet been officially determined) in each course, SOCY 210* Social Research Methods, SOCY 211* Social Statistics, and SOCY 221 The Development of Social Theory (two half courses and one full year course although in 2009-10, SOCY 221 will become two separate half courses) 4. In the MAJ and MED, you are also required to complete with a minimum grade of 65% (again, probably a grade point of 2.3 although that has not yet been officially determined) in each course SOCY 321* Research Methodology, and SOCY 322 Modern Social Theories (one half course and one full year course which will, in 2009-10 become two separate half year courses). 5. The SOCY MAJ is comprised of 10 SOCY credits plus 9 elective credits. For the MAJ, you must complete the core (122, 210*, 211*, 221, 321*, and 322) plus 2.0 credits at the 400 or 500 level and 3.5 additional SOCY credits with at least 1.0 at the 300 level – see ml see also %20programs.pdf 6. The SOCY
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