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Week 1 Term 2 Socy 122

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Queen's University
SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Week 13 Metatheory, Science, Language, & Sociology Engaging with The World • Frey argues there are three levels: • Contemplative •Observe the world around, the human mind has two elements: one is the intellect, one is the emotions; when we observe our surroundings with intellect we connect with them and continue to classify, once we realize it is not what we want we decide to stop • Active •The language of verbs, of doing something, intellect and emotions come together as we act • Imaginative •You use the full range of the human language, there are no limits to intellectual creativity, arts flourish, as dramatic and critic the world of imaginative is, it does nothing. You must work back to the active stage • Science and the Arts not completely divergent • Frye argues: highly developed science and art are very close together, they are not that different, psychologically and otherwise, the two worlds are very similar, one needs the other to flourish Science and the Arts • Science: • Stems from the intellect • Emphasis on observation and classification • Generalizations • Science progresses in accuracy (observation and classification) and utility (what are the useful outcomes of science) • Draws upon creativity of emotions and imagination, you have a reason for progressing a scientific research project (emotional commitme
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