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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

What is deviant behavior? Is there a human acts that is inherently and inescapably deviant? • • Deviance is a social designation • A social process in which particular practices are designated as deviant • Acts designated as deviant must be understood in their context Deviant actions elicit moral condemnation within particular context during specific • historical periods • Designating acts as deviant is a social process whereby groups express disapproval of certain actions “ordinary deviance” vs. “extreme deviance” • • Ordinary happens time to time driving over speed limit • • Objective element to deviant behavior • Actual actions and thoughts of individuals • No action or though is in and of itself deviant • Subjective element of deviant behavior • Response by others to peoples actions and thoughts • Influential individuals • Erotic movies • Not deviant • Pornography Not deviant • Structural or systems of explanations • Durkheims study of suicide as a structural explanation of deviant behavior Society precede our existence - it is a facity that confronts us • • This notion gets in to t
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