SOCY 122 Lecture Notes - Rivulets

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
Queen's University
Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
SOCY 122
What is deviant behavior?
Is there a human acts that is inherently and inescapably deviant?
Deviance is a social designation
A social process in which particular practices are designated as deviant
Acts designated as deviant must be understood in their context
Deviant actions elicit moral condemnation within particular context during specific
historical periods
Designating acts as deviant is a social process whereby groups express disapproval of
certain actions
“ordinary deviance” vs. “extreme deviance”
Ordinary happens time to time driving over speed limit
Objective element to deviant behavior
Actual actions and thoughts of individuals
No action or though is in and of itself deviant
Subjective element of deviant behavior
Response by others to peoples actions and thoughts
Influential individuals
Erotic movies
Not deviant
Not deviant
Structural or systems of explanations
Durkheims study of suicide as a structural explanation of deviant behavior
Society precede our existence - it is a facity that confronts us
This notion gets in to the process of social control
If you re controlled than they will conform with the dominant system
Deviant behavior serves the boundaries of the social structure
In a society when you are socialized in the means to an end you can conform
There are people who cannot conform to the means or the ends or goals who have
the strain
Are not capable of conforming
These are not unlawful activities but they deviate from society
Social and structural problems who kept them from conforming
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