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Lecture 4

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

TheEmployer-LabourProcess-EmployeeRelationship The way employees are engaged are the interests they bring to the relationship as well • as the employer • Employees and employers are shaped by the social world in which they live • Different social forces and influences Family background • • Gender • Sexual orientation • Education level • Social variables influence the motives which then determines the output • While it is the resources you bring into the relationships, it is the expectations that the employee and employers have that create a tension • This tension is managed fairly carefully • It does’t always work out • Strikes • The impact of the market influences the relationship in many ways • The market changes whereas the employee and employer do not change as often • The market puts pressure on the employers to maximize productivity • The same market puts pressures on employees to have more goods while still working positively CultureofWork • The production process has changed a lot over the years The emergence of the market; separation between peasants and the land dramatically • changed the way we look at the workforce • Our world is not structured around the clock and time is money • Foucault gives us some interesting terms Table system: power doesn’t just emanate from places; within the labour process of • contemporary society; the table supervisor can monitor 70 workers; you don’t know if you are being watched but you expect you are; over the course of our lives that we develop self-discipline working We take for granted the sense of self-discipline, responsibility, and hierarchy within • our school system • Self surveillance, self discipline • Technologies of power We not only become more efficient but we come more compliant • • Making the body more obedient therefore more useful • As we become self disciplined, the whole notion of creativity and self realization becomes sacrifice ScientificManagementTaylorism • Started at university dropped out and worked in factory and decided what was wrong with the management of the factory and productivity • Realizes people tend to be lazy • “natural soldiering” and “systematic soldiering” • Big problem in the craftwork machine shop: the employers don’t have the sense of how long it takes to finish a project, whereas the employee does know • Not efficient a lot of waste • We need to eliminate the systematic soldiering or malingering • Separati
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