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Lecture 2

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Week 24 LECTURE! :) April 3, 2014 4:32 PM Norms •Rules accepted or expected behaviour in a given siutation for a particular role •Implicit •Noticed when violated Descriptie function •Norms reflect what most people do in a given situation Injuction function •Norms specify what out to be done Facilitating Social Interaction – Provide simply expectations in new and familiar situations Conformity •Tendancy to change behavour attidues to align with those of tohers •Provides order and predictability Autokinetic effect - light appears to move, because of the constant movement of the eye Than asked how far the light moved. EITHER IN GROUPS OR NOT (Dependant variable and independent variable) •People that are grouped together had more similar answers. Which of the following factors is false about conformity? A) If a confederate holds firm, subsequent estimates will move toward the confederate’s estimate B) If one participant disagrees with the estimates, others are less likely to conform to the group estimate C) A new participant’s will shift the group’s estimate (the opposite is true!!) D) If the judgment is important (e.g., political vote, human rights), then conformity is less likely E) Up to a limit (5), the greater the group size, the greater the Conformity Compliance •Changing ones behaviour as a result requests from a peer Low ball - start low and subsequently remove the low offer (limit time offer) MAKES YOU WALK INTO STORE AFTER SEEING (even not things on sale) Foot in the door - large request is preceded by a smaller more reasonable request, that the individual is likely to have accepted. • Yes ladder. • Eventually to give hitch hikers (Shes a slut) Door in the face – Agreement with a small request that is preceded by the refusal of a large request – Founded on cognitive dissonance (incosistaent thoughts, think your friendly but you said no so now you want to say yes), and people desire to be helpful and agreeable That’s not
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