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SOCY 122

Natural attitude -comes from our own biology of the way we perceive the world around us, tend to see the world in front of us and us as individuals within the world Everday stocks of knowledge -things you don’t learn in school, drawing on everyday experience, but school sometimes starts to become part of that -once you get into school, knowledge becomes formalized, vast reservoir of everyday knowledge we required from birth till when we entered the school system -we are all very sophisticated social agents, have a tremendous amount of implicit knowledge about whats required to go on in our everyday activities -sometimes people think sociology is easy because we know how to live our everyday life -everyday stocks of knowledge reinforce the sense that we are individuals -although we tend to think of ourselves as individuals, we stop and reflect on our individual position, then we realize we are tied to complex network of people/ social relations - The sociological imagination(1959) IMPORTANT!! -mills drew heavily from philosophy to develop a critical sociological perspective -in 1950s/60s he introduced heavy emphasis on classical social theory and its role in sociology -mills introduces post modern theory (what concise ency. Says), emphasizes that he introduces some of the themes of post modernism -wrote a trilogy, looked at the "power elite" argued that power elite controlled america (president.. Etc) -white collar: growing group of individuals who had no industrial interest, no class interest, played a very important role in power structure of society -labour leaders: identify with their own interests and not universal interests -liked to shatter icons/images/cherished truths -wanted to address fundamental questions that were in society at that time -shift from rural society to urban society -people tend to feel that lives are series of traps , in 1959 that is how people felt about the world aroudn them (mills) -thinks that ordinary men view world in close up orbits of job, neighbourhood, family, feel that uneasiness they see from natural attitude -if people feel that, need to give quality of mind that will let them think more critically, need to think more broadly, mills wante dot provide that framework for them -tend to see the world as atomistic individuals but reality is that we are part of very complex web, need to show them that they arent individuals and that they cant solve problems as individuals because most of the problems werent caused by them -enables us to grasp history, biography and relations between two within society -task of good sociology is to be able to link micro events to larger historical structures in which they occur, -thinks that if you are able to successfully able to bring together biography and social structure- see world in different world -promise of sociology will be to provide new way of looking at world -mills believes that sociology will create social change- linking micro and macro -having people see themselves within larger historical context which will then allow them to create
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