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SOCY 122

Sociological imagination and psycho -"quality of mind", 1. Sense of micro and macro, link and move back and forth between the two 2. Personal biography, relationship to that biography and location in history 1. Social structure -statue of people making out: no specific gender implications -roden- in sculptures, would go through drafts- is this the perfect figure, will it fit perfectly into my assignment, leaves his masterpieces unfinished -has a public statement to make, designed to change the world, instill quality of mind to break out of everyday life and contemporary thinking -roden did same thing as psychological imagination but with a different medium (sculpture) Psycho scene- built a new highway so no one bothers going to hotel anymore, c wright mills points out the personal troubles that people experience are part of everyday lives -see most of the issues we face in terms of personal troubles, things are drawn from upclose orbits (job family neighbourhood) -personal troubles of mileu: notion of personal trouble has to do with immediate character of relationships youre involved in, motel is off the beaten path, solution lie within immediate mileu or individual, or their own abilitiy to make change -personal trouble is so overwhelming for hotel owner and cant find solutions so continues to do same thing over and over again -mills suggested that personal troubles we all see as personal matters -unemployment is huge issue, most often see it as a personal trouble, mills would see it first as personal trouble and then draw upon own personal resources psycho-"all in private traps, none of us can ever get out, scratch claw only at the air and eachother, never budge an inch" "I don’t mind it anymore", isn't trying to solve problem, just accepting it -born into trap nothing he can do about it, wants to change it but pretends that he doesn’t -mills thinks that we step into our own traps, suggests that in order to overcome sense of personal intrapment, need to recognize that there are public issues of social structures, most personal problems are also issue of social structures, larger than the environment -more than a personal trouble, public issue of social structure -look past own particular locale and look at larger problems within society (example. Not his fault because caught in location in slow moving society but as pace of life increased, his business is shut down because of highway) -learns to accept the shift/c
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