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SOCY 122

-marx is controversial and complex thinker Marxs intellectual development -went to university of bon and then shipped to berlin where involved with left wing students -reads hegel extensively because was sick -pursues PhD -wrote a piece that got him kicked out of university, couldn’t get professor job -got newspaper job, forced to take ideas about hegel and confront the real world -midst of debates that he realized this is more than philosophical issue but more of a social issue -no longer abstract philosopher, is someone that is beginning to engage intellectually and politically with the world in which he lives -newspaper becomes too radical, gov't shuts it down and fires marx -marx was happy that he was fired because he can study, root to engagement with new philosophy and social thought -ruge and him set up journal, german, in that there are two essays that became very important to marx (angels, exposed to political economy and sees it as important component), (moses hess, socialist influenced by french sociologist thinkers, write about money as form as exploitation) -hegel argues that this is a constitutional monarchy (elected officials to represent) thinks it is best of all possible words, marx read it and saw hidden assumptions within this book, startrs criticizing them, MOST IMPORTANT "senate represents interest of all people", marx argues that there are lots of people who are exploited by this idea, some are peasants or a group of workers that represent a universal interest that does not agree -marx realizes that the class that will create social change is the working class (proletariat) < key class -now focuses upon political economy, class formation, class conflict, dynamic of history -MARX KICKED OUT OF PARIS, politically exiled -wrote in western Europe: common place to take citizen you don’t like and exile from the country, marx exiled from many countries Marx critique of political economy/ capitalism -critiques in two ways: grows deeper into political economy because he thinks that he will find the secret of this system in order to understand how to change it, wanted to create social change that will lead to the emancipation of humanity but in order to do that he has to go deeper into something that becomes more and more specific -wanted to understand dynamics of capital -created a model that becomes more complex, 1) system he is looking at is very complex, not easy to analyze, finds out that in order to put together theoretical model he has to make it complex, WORK THAT IS ONE THAT TRIES TO CAPTURE DYNAMIC OF UNSTABLE DIALECT (dialectical whole) 2) Critique of political economy -1844, thought he could write a whole book about political economy, didn’t work out, unfinished -1845, realized he cant publish the critique because people don’t know where he is coming from, rejecting philosophy moving into sociology, called it materialistic analysis of the world, makes long manuscript that doesn’t get published, wrote it and clarified where he came from -1858, economic crisis, engels says you need to finish analysis of capitalistic society, starts writing it out but crisis passes and marx isn't happy with the manuscript, doesn’t publish -1967, produces a 900 page analysis of capitalist production, has another 2000 pages of notes that deal with capitalism and circulation, production and circulation together, WASN’T HAPPY WITH VOLUME ONE, French interested in it, french begin to translate, looks at it and doesn’t think its well translated, RE WRITES CAPITAL IN FRENCH, RESTRUCTURES IT, came out in newspaper on weekly basis, read each chapter as it comes out in the newspaper -thought we need to make another german edition 1872, second german edition -MARX FELT COMPLEX WORLD NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD, way goods and services are produced, how production leads to exploitation, wanted to make sure this was clear -marx died, engels makes volume 2 and 3 -3 VOLUMES OF CAPITAL -had more notebooks that dealt with economy -MOST IMPORTANT MANUSCRIP, 1939, 1941- Marx and marxism -depends on different people that realize what marxism is -some people take prefix and see different things -eduard bernstein- "revisionism" felt that marxs work was dated, world has changed so much and felt that we need to push for social change that is progressive, thinks we need to revise marx's ideas to bring them to date, courageous to say he had good ideas but we need to follow them into contemporary theory -kautsky "orthodox marxism"- thought that revising was bad, slap in the face, didn’t want to change it Which marx? -marx pr
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