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Sept 19 soc -real book in front of you gives you more than internet, nothing more powerful than opening a book that is 150 years old -late 18th century people tried to destroy technology because it was taking place of human workers, resisted that- "the machine smashers", luddites- organized to destroy machinery if owner of factory was using machinery to replace workers, opposed to the replacement of humans by machinery -some luddites impsired by religion, thought that work was supposed to be a fulfilling opportunity, some were socialist or communist, thought that the wealth should go to whose hands had actually created it The medium is the message: marshall mcluan, canadian cultural theorist, taught at u of t, become more important lately, rediscovered by work on impact of technologoy on society, with new technology we will become part of a global village, all different technologies available we are becoming shrinking global village, most famous for his different afferism (short phrase that contains concise meaning and if reflected on it becomes more complex) -understands that different media makes different type of receivers, media makes us into different perceiver of knowledge -medium is the message: look at what medium we are using to communicate/ send a message. The message is the same as the medium, whatever you want to convey has everything to do with the way you communicate, orally, on paper, media etc. -information doesn't matter, only medium is important -we are experts in some medium but not others "Hot media" vs "cool media":marshall mcluan -hot media- movie- lets someone get a message across, you are able to multitask, we are very good at gathering messages out of hot media, we don’t need to pay attention to everything but rather take out important information, highly structured and creates a passive recipient -cold media- comic book- require much more active interpretation, message isnt as structured, need to fill things in, Molten ice media -ice cold media can be made warmer through digital technology, when people use digital technology- construct a particular image to use medium to convey to you, can manipulate it to the extreme -medium that allows him to construct vivid images -digital technology to take you on journey through series of images -digital technology is ice cold because it can always be manipulated or changed, cold media is interpreted in ways, digital technology we can play around with the information completely -weschs image of students today: s
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