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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

These notes are compiled from tutorial mind map sessions lecture PowerPoints readings and the CapitalismModern Theory videoMarx DurkheimWeber Founding Fathers of SociologyAll three interested in struggles during the transition to a marketbased society The Great TransformationSociology is a child of the enlightenment born during the industrial revolutionA philosophical movement Europe 16501800 of the 18th century that emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms the critical reappraisal of existing ideas and social institutions advocated the use of reason and individualism instead of tradition and established doctrine Karl Marx 18181883mile Durkheim 18581917Max Weber 18641920Studied the Political Economy and Studied the order social solidarity required Studied the economy and societydiscovered for members of society to survive as stay Like Marx understanding the economy together Agreement among people was To understand how societies work and helps understanding of society as a wholevital to the overall structure and change you must understand the economic functioning of societyWe need other Unlike Marx Weber believed influence of structure that influences daily life people to meet our needs we are not selfthe political power government and the Materialismproductiondistribution of sufficient thus we must agree to survivestate influences society The importance goods Surplus valueprofitof social action rise of nationalismReligion one form of social solidarityHow class conflict affects society People Spirit of the modern age the movement dont agreePower differences in society Behaviour is influenced by our societyfrom traditional to rational actionleads to conflict and changeMACRODivision of labourIndividual has active influence on societyMACRO society vs individualEconomic wealthethic capitalismMICRO individual vs society What values will prevail What values will prevailWhat values will prevailMaterial needs can influence the lives of Born into groupscollective Born into groupsframes of mind peoplerepresentations in a marketbased societydominate within a marketbased societyConflict Theories Marxism Feminism Anti StructuralFunctionalist Theories Symbolic Interaction Theories Interpretive racism Queer theory OrderConsensus theories and Systems theorytheoriesSociety shaped by the economic forces Society is a selfgenerating objective fact Society is the skilled accomplishment of of productionThe Means of Production Sui Generisselfgenerated of its own those who are part of a social formationMarxDurkheimWeber Combined Mind MapUpdated Nov 2013Page 1 of 12changes the Modes of Production kind of its own kind born into society it How is this similar to Marxtransition from Slavery to Feudalism to exists before and after you Society is constituted through meaningful Capitalism A change from one mode of Born into a society that surrounds ussocial action The role of meaning is production to another happens as importantproductive forces change thus changing Collective representations way in which the social relations of production Thus the the group conceives of itself in relation to How does this differ from Marxmode of production moves historyobjects which affect it Different sources Capitalism was a historical accident that present acceptable behaviour Social TitansBourgeoisie and influenced by socialcultural Dominate socially accepted behaviours Proletariatinfluences Protestant work ethic attitudes and beliefs driving force for accumulation of Historical Materialism social classes are wealth by individual action not by the social forces of changeeconomic forcesOnly Western societyKarl Marxmile DurkheimMax WeberUNDERSTAND SOCIETYCHANGE STUDY THE ORDER OF SOCIETY POWERPOLITICSTHE WORLDPositivist Aligns with natural science pursuit Antipositivists Aligns with humanitiesStudy of political economy and social classof social laws relationship between individual Study of social trends or tendenciesand societyMaterialismrevolutionPursuit of social lawswaste of time
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