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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

SOCY TUT 1Sept 13 2011Amelia Cheston 8ac27queensucaSocy Lecture 1Sept 13 2011We are in a transition periodGo from a teen to an independent adultConnection between me and the professor he did his undergrad at queensoOnce my age now our generation is distanced by technologyAmerican culture dominates our livesSocy Lecture 2Sept 15 2011The Millenials my generationBaby boomer parentsGeneration Y Echo hoom Boomlet Nintendo Generation Nexters Digital Generation Net generationFollows generation X 196181oCulture of consumption oCultural environmentaccelerated pace culture than that of the baby boomersThe Millennials after 1982 will turn 18 at the millenniumThe Beloit Mindset ListWhat is each generation likeChanges description every yearoWe grew up with the internet Amazon cultureClass of 2015 cross the digital divideWhat is the difference between information and knowledgeKnowledge is warranted to true beliefs enlightenment Information is components brought togetherGathering knowledge takes timeSOCY Lecture 2Sept 15 2011What we grow up inSmall close familiesSee parents positivelyShare parental valuesParental involvementWeReply on adult direction assurance confirmation often parentalTime management is a problem highly stacked schedules just do itSense of entitlement less self criticalContradictory value systemsPowerful sense of individualismLess historical awareness and fewer life experiencesoMy world the world revolves around meoPrivatizationIndividualism is very importantSesame St is designed to help less fortunate children Education is fun you can enjoy itNotion more repeated the more children will retain itAllows children to multi taskoAttention driftGeneration Xborn into technologyChildren are turning off educationIpad video Shows how technology is moving so fastCaptures audienceHyper accelerated cultureSense that you can know everythingPromotes multitasking component of the MillennialsInformation we have access to is manipulativeInstantaneousSOCY Lecture 3Sept 20 2011We are a generation surrounded by technology Generation accustomed to instant access Need to acquire the patience of scholarshipDiscover how to search for info in books and journals rather than onlinethLuddites movement 18 century industrializationMachine smashersWorried that machines would take over Rejecting liberaloWant to go back oEP ThompsonOrganization did not smash all machinesOnly smashed machines that replaced workersWanted technology to not take human jobs etcMillennials need to discover the awe and inspiration of running a finger over the volumes of books old and new on library shelvesWho is Marshall McLewenSociologist13 canadian school of communication graduatesGrand prediction of mediaFocused on median and communicationglobal village predictedthe medium is the messagehot mediacold mediaInformation translated to me Comic strip role of creativity is usedmoltenice mediaMedia have been brought together Digital media really hotcrafted informationeCulture vs Print cultureRecognize all the resources pay attention to detailAllan Bloom The closing of the American mindwhat each generation is can be best discovered in its relation to the permanent concerns of mankindThis in turn can be best discovered in each generation tastes amusements and especially angerA liberal education helps students pose the question who am IResisting the easy answers bc others merit careful consideration Uni as the critical space between the intellectual wasteland of high school and dreamy professional training and work aheadMathew ArnoldCulture and anarchy oKnowing the best said and thought in the worldoThe study of harmonious human perfection oThe passion for sweetness and light and for making them prevailoCommitment to community1868 Interest of commercialism Culturehigh culture philosophy great drama musicPreserving great aspects of human knowledge Socy Lecture 4Sept 22 2011The natural attitudeWhat is the natural attitudeOwn perspective Focus on world through the eyes of an individualDesigned to focus on sensory inputMy world you are welcome to itIndividualistic view pointWhat are everyday stocks of knowledgeBasic knowledge we already knowThe web of social relationsTies to a lot of peopleInfluences directly by electronic mediaThe sociological Imagination C Wright MillsDied young from heart attack Wrote 2 types of booksoTrade books oEnrage and engageTried to address fundamental issuesClass of 2015always online1959 Mills argued ppl feel the world was a series of trapsMalaise sense of uneasiness
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