SOCY 122 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Moodle, Syrian Civil War

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SOCY Week 3
Assignment: Due Friday October 2nd
Basically a summary
o Purchase encyclopedia
Pick entry: read through: write points that seem important to
you: go through again and reflect: leave for a day; write
Moodle: tips section, proper essay format for MAC: write summary in this
format; there is step my step
No cover page needed: essentially could be one page, however DO cite the
The Natural Attitude
What is it?
By our biological nature we as a species are visually oriented
We think of ourselves as the center of the world and we see the world from
our view: egocentric perspective
We always draw upon our everyday stocks of knowledge
o We have, over time, learned how to sociologically behave in certain
What is the Web of social relations?
o We can think of the world as a place where we have a string, that goes
from us to parents: it dulls over time however, but then you meet your
significant other and have a bright red string: if you think of facebook
or twitter you have a sense of how vastly integrated we are in a web
of all of these relationships
Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho clip:
o Sociological imagination and psycho
o Quality of mind:
Personal biography
Social structure
o Personal troubles of milieu
o Character of individual and immediate relations
o Solutions to a problem lies within’ individual, immediate
milieu and willful activity
o A trouble is a private matter
o Public issue of social structure
o Transcend local environment;
o Entails organization of many milieu extending into institutions
and structures of a historical society
o An issue is a public matter
find more resources at
find more resources at
o 3 Key questions
o 1. What is the structure of society as a whole?
What are the essential components; differences from
other social orders; meaning of particular features
Think of Syrian civil war as an example… All
refugees trying to find safe haven: however all of
the places they’re going have structures and it
constrains what is able to happen
o 2. Where does the society stand in history?
Mechanics of change; development of humanity;
period’s of essential features; characteristic way of
making history
o 3. What varieties of men and women prevail are coming to
How selected, formed, repressed, blunted, liberated;
what kind of human nature is revealed; what is its
What events in history changed the world and views?
Ie: 911
find more resources at
find more resources at