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SOCY 122
Victoria L Friesen

Towards a Review of Course Material Karl Marx and Sociology Karl Marx and Sociology On the basis of the material covered on Marx, you should now be able to do the following: • You should be able to identify Adam Ferguson, Dugald Stewart and Adam Smith as individuals involved with the Scottish Enlightenment and early political economy and explain in two or three sentences why their work was important in the development of Marx’s thought. • You should be able to identify Immanuel Kant and Georg Hegel as key thinkers within German Idealist philosophy and explain in a sentence or two why their work – and that of Hegel’s in particular – was important in the development of Marx’s thought. • Marx’s work can be described as “a dynamic, unstable, ‘dialectical whole’.” By referring to Hegel, and the notion of “dialectic,” the various plans and preliminary drafts of Marx’s critique of political economy, Friedrich Engels, Karl Kautsky and Eduard Bernstein as Marx’s literary and intellectual heirs, you should be able to explain in three or four sentences why that phrase is an accurate assessment of Marx’s work. • Marx’s thought progressed from his student days at the University of Bonn and Berlin through his work as editor of The Rhineland Gazette, to exile to Paris and his reading of Moses Hess’s “The Essence of Money” and Engels’ “Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy” to his critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right and his focus on the proletariat as the revolutionary class of capitalist society. In two or three sentences, you should be able to indicate how those connections led to Marx’s singular focus on the critique of political economy – an undertaking that took up the rest of his life. • You should be able to draw a diagram which would represent the Orthodox Marxist reading of Marx’s 1859 Preface statement about the “the guiding thread” of his analyses. The diagram should identify the two elements that comprise the economic base or infrastructure and those of the superstructure as well as the causal relation of determination. • You should be able to explain what Marx meant by the term “the social relations of production” and indicate their significance for his conception of the economic base. • You should be able to explain what Marx meant by the term “the material forces of production” and what is th
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