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Lecture 2

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SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

Ethical Dimension of Social Research  No research study is “perfect” o Would be too expensive  Improving research practice o Eg, inserting a questionnaire for students into a school exam o No non responses o Don’t have to distribute them  Problem : answering should be voluntary  We all miss out on ethical matters o Considerations:  Psychological harm and stress on subjects  Milgram Studies  Putting subjects into legal jeopardy Ethical Codes  National set of ethical guidelines in Canada for institutions that receive funding o Medical Research Council o Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council o Engineering Research Council  Tri Council Policy Statement  Ethical conduct for research involving humans  Research Ethics Board o Common procedures and follow the same ethical guidelines o Minimum of 5 people in board o Include member of the community and a person knowledgeable in ethics  Researchers job in a designing a study is to consider ethical issues o Explain goals o Methods of their research  Review board then makes an informed decision  Ethical Guidelines  Respect for human dignity  Informed consent  Respect for vulnerble persons o Children o Those who cannot make decisions on their own  Respect for privacy and confidentiality  Respect for justice o fairness  balancing harms and benefits o Always maximize benefits Statistics Canada  Great concern for maintaining the confidentiality from who they gather data from o Restrict disclosure of data when the number of cases are too few  Risking identity might be revealed if cases are too small Ethical Issues in Social Research  Human subjects are complex and constantly evolving  There is not always agreement on what is ethical  Each research assignment provides new challenges o Goal is to sensitize when recognizing an ethical situation  Indivdual sources vary on what is right and wrong o Religious view, political views Disclosure  Data than can be attributed to people, households, or businesses, is released o Identity disclosure  Occurs when an individual can be identified o Attribute Disclosure  When confidential information is revealed and can be attributed to an individual  Eg, all sixteen year olds smoke in the area
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