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Lecture 3

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SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

September 25, 2013  Voluntary Participation must have informed consent  Covert research, in field and qualitative research have unique ethical issues  Special populations: populations that tend to be vulnerable  Welfare recipients  People in jail  Those in psychiatric facilities  Targeted special groups  First Nations ex. Students may be coerced into doing studies because they don’t understand what is going on, and cannot really understand that they are allowed to refuse  Are some people more deserving of informed consent? Three key elements of the TCPS 1. Respect for person 2. Concern for welfare 3. Justice 2 New policy statements introduced in the TCPS 2  Two new policy statements concerning  Qualitative research  Research involving First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people of Canada The Ethical review process  Only after the research has gone through all the steps can the researcher go through with the experiment  If you do not listen and go through with it anyways, the funding for the researcher will be removed, and the researcher may be terminated  Typically when people do not get approved, they go back to their study and make changes Other ethical issues  Responsibility to research participants (beyond informed consent. Treatment of data and protection of privacy issue)  Incentives for participation (monetary and gift)  Responsibility to research assistants conducting interview  Checklist of ethical issues before going into the field to collect data  One of the key things is to create a checklist of the key things to keep in mind. 1. Have you protected the ethical requirements of the participants, including having clearance 2. Ensuring that there is not prospect of harm 3. Adequate informed consent 4. Privacy, how will you protect anonymity and confidentiality 5. How willy you make sure people are not identified Research fraud  Faking/inventing data  Shattered Glass  2003 American drama film written and directed by Billy Ray  The screenplay is based on a September Vanity Fair article by H.G. Bissinger Plagiarism  Stealing ideas or writing of another Some concerns about ethical review  Are we in the middle of a moral panic?  Ethic creep, because of mishaps we are crazy about ethics  Unsuitability of the science model  Impeding the research process  Because it is difficult to go through the ethics board, it may shape researchers agendas  Shaping the research agenda Finally a contextual issue: research on animal subjects  How different are the roles regarding other species?  How different should they be? Angel and Tweet Basic principles  Treat research participants with dignity and respect at all times  One ly deception if absolutely September 27 2013 Introduction  Scientific research is part of two topics; we try to observe what is around us, and try to interpret this  To go about this we start with some idea, and than choose an idea to best go about finding this information  By choosing the research you are doing, is not finding and coming up with the information yourself  Honest inquiry is not coming up with thesis that looks into a pre determine idea (I want to research why women are victimized more) what we should be saying is I want to research the impact of victimization of women compare to men  Central  Scientific inquiry comes down to making observations and interpreting what you have observed  Two key tasks: 1. Specify as clearly as possible what you want to find out 2. Determine the best way to do it Three different purposes of research a. Exploration  Helps researchers become familiar with specific topics  Often done when examining a new interest of subject  Typically done for three purposes 1. Satisfy curiosity and desire for bet
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