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Lecture 9

SOCY 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Focus Group, Grounded Theory, Bogardus Social Distance Scale

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
Course Code
SOCY 210
Fiona Kay

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Qualitative Interviewing:
- inductive; involves words rather than meanings
- Epistemology(how we go about gathering knowledge) - interpretivist
- we can't see the actual or measure actual attitudes, we can interpret how
they are
feeling , thinking or determining meanings
- focus on interpreting meanings
- ontology(what is to be known, what is the substance) - constructionist
- subjective interpretations
- social construction, how people represent their thoughts
- natural science model
- more emphasis on subjectivity

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- what do qualitative interviews involve?
- How did you come to join this religious group, how has it changed
your life?
- questions that would illicit more information, people describe
- finding out underlying meanings
Forms of Interviews
- Structured
- parallel to survey questionnaire
- interviewer fills out the answers
- organized

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- scripted, complete questionnaire
- Unstructured
- complete flexibility, you have a list of topics
- more improv
- field group, ethnography
- story telling
- examples: involved hanging out on the street and having conversation in a
much more
free style
- Eleanor Miller , Street Woman > how they ended up on the street, how
they got
money, many were parents and in their 30s
- Jody Miller, One of the Guys: Girls Gangs and Gender > 94 girls in
several gangs,
how they got into gangs, what they did
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