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Lecture 2

SOCY211 Week 2, Lecture 2

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SOCY 211
Carl Keane

SOCY211 Week 2, Lecture 2 - Test number 1 is next week, January 26 - 40 multiple choice, bring pencil and eraser, NO calculators - No class on Tuesday unless you want to attend the tutorials- Make sure you email questions to your specific TA if you want to attend - Skew to the left/right, positive or negative, is influenced by outliers - Variability- How scores differ - Range- the difference between the highest and the lowest score in a distribution - Range can easily be influenced by any outliers because you only use the highest and lowest scores - Standard deviation scores that are below the mean are negative, and above the mean are positive - Square ( all deviations so that all the numbers are positive rather than some positive, some negative - Formula, ( ̅) – (score-mean) squared - Do this for all the deviations This means the sum - Then you add up all the scores ∑ ̅) o The sum of square deviations from the mean - We want to calculate the mean of the squared deviations ∑ ̅ - this is the formula that gives you the variance *The book shows it as N-1 - Another step we have to take to get the standard deviation - Variance is reported as a square of whatever your answer is 2 - You want to return the variance to its original variance without the square (s ) - Formula: √ ∑ ̅  takes the s
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