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First lecture, detailed notes on everything he talked about and everything that was written on the overheads

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SOCY 211
Carl Keane

SOCY211 StatisticsWeek 1 Lecture 1 Word statistics has at least two meanings can be numbers or data can also be a field of studyDescriptive statistics concerned with organizing and summarizing information about a collection of actual observations o Ex Class average summarizes information from a collection of students A chart showing political affiliation on Queens campus is another example of descriptive statistics youre describing Inferential statistics uses information from a sample to make inferences about a populationo Ex Generalizing from a sample to a populationPopulation total collection of all cases of which we are interested Sample a carefully chosen subset of the larger population Some researchers use parameter to describe populations and statistics for samples dont let this confuse you You assume that you can measure things regardless of complexityVariable anything that can vary ex Age income educationAn individual score on the variable age can be 21 Two basic types of variableso Categoricaldiscrete has a basic unit of measurement cant be subdivided Ex how many people live in a house You cant have 26 people o Con
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