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Second Lecture, copy of everything on the overheads and everything he said in class

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Queen's University
SOCY 211
Carl Keane

SOCY211 Statistics Week 1 Lecture 2Descriptive statistics describe and summarize Inferential statistics differ they allow you to generalizeVariables anything that can vary can be discrete or continuous Categorical variable nominal level variable Continuous level variables can have decimal points Ordinal level are rank ordered Intervalratio level variables permit classification and ranking also allow the distance from category to category one point to the next to be exactly defined o The differences have meaning and we can specify how much ex age income Sometimes referred to as quantitative variablesCausal modeling one variable seems to cause another o Cause independent variableModeling at most basic o Effect dependent variableCausationThree criteria when we think we have a relationship1 Correlationassociation is there an association between these two variables If one variable changes does the other variable also changeThree types of associationsBoth variables going up positive correlationassociation You can have an association where one variable goes up and the other variable goes down negative correlation Curvilinear association the pattern looks like a Ushape 2 Time orderSequence independent variable must come before the dependent va
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