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G R Frank Pearce

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Hobbes  Political Philosophy  Social contract theory o Addresses the authority of the state over the individual o Individuals should surrender some of their freedom to the ruler, or the decision of the majority  In exchange for protection of their rights  Rights of the individual  The sovereign  Civil society o Power must be based on the consent of the people o Humans obey physical laws  State of nature o What humans would be like without government o Each person would have the right to anything in the world  War against all John Locke  Classical liberalism  Self defined through consciousness  The mind is a blank slate o Tabula rasa  Knowledge is determined by experience o Using sense perception  Property is a natural right derived from labour  Also addressed social contract theory Bacon  Scientific method  Creator of empiricism  Inductive method o Human experience  God created the universe o Based on stable laws o God is the first cause  Created the effects that are now in motion  We live in a world of second causes o To understand these causes  Experimentation  Observation  Common sense is inadequate o Cannot rely on authority  Mythopoeic thought  Make sense of relationship between the world and their relationship with nature o There is Devine order  Metaphors, analogies o Different Linguistic structures o Making of myths Foucault Language of representation Shape of a script could be symbolic Aristotle model of the universe  Celestial realm o moon and beyond  Terrestrial realm o up to the moon General kinds in which entities of the world divides  eg, p
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