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Lecture 2

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G R Frank Pearce

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Weber  Methodological Individualist o Society is made up of individuals and their goals o Social phenomena is produced by individuals o Individuals are the only things that are real  Societies, classes, are only made possible by individuals o Individual behaviour has meaning o Humans are guided by values  Humans are free to make choices  Create new meanings  In order to understand what people do we have to understand the meanings they give to it o Social sciences study human action o The natural world exists even without humans  Exists independently  No values on their own o Human objects that belong to humans in the social world have value  Have value because humans gave them value o Social Action  Action where the meaning intended by a person involves a relation to another persons behaviour  The relation determines the way in which the action proceeds  Social action is not several people acting in the same way  Eg carrying umbrellas because of rain  That act was caused by a stimulus  Social action is not one person acting because they were pressured by others  4 Types of Action  Instrumentally rational  Trying to achieve a specific goal  Value rational 
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